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Many marketing companies will gladly come and offer you a ‘free’ audit as part of their pitch. But can you trust that their recommendations are really in your best interests? It could well be true that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and what you’re saving initially could well cost you dearly over the following months. And if they’re a PR or advertising specialist for instance, you can guess where their ‘recommendations’ will be heading!

The Mix takes a different view. We are completely neutral, as our ‘product’ in this case is the initial advice itself. We are more than happy to act as your sanity check before you commit to any activity, give you our recommendations then say goodbye until next time. And considering the fact that our fees will be a very small percentage of your total marketing cost, we are sure you will feel that it is money well spent.

Our experience is extensive and covers every business model and route to market. We’ve spent years working on full service, award-winning campaigns for major brands, and because we also have experience of implementing a campaign, you can be certain that our recommendations are actually deliverable.

So, if you agree that there probably is no such thing as a free lunch (and believe us, there isn’t), why not give us a call and we can chat about how we could help give that extra dimension and input to your marketing strategies.

It could just prove be the best return of your whole campaign.

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