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At The Mix we focus on PR in its broadest sense, namely how every single stakeholder views your business. Every transaction we make as a business sets the scene for how we are viewed, and if just one element lets us down, the rest of our reputation suffers. This is why effective PR is not simply paying lip service to the marketing department, rather it is the embodiment of the entire company culture. As such, it must be adopted and embraced throughout your organisation. Our job is to deliver this vision for you.

We start with a thorough review of your business, then sift through your communications to start forming a rounded plan. As ever, the circle of audit, objectives, strategy & plan, evaluation and results is encompassed into our approach, and tactically, we cover a lot of ground.

Briefings, new releases, open days, newsletters, exhibition activities, case studies, web updating, roadshows and spokesperson duties are just some of the roles we have fulfilled over the past twelve months. Whatever your PR needs, please talk to us.



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